Friday, July 17, 2009

Things Fall Apart

The center can not hold?

All technology in my house is slowly deciding that it no longer wishes to reside you. First the modem died and there was no more internet. Two days ago the remote to the converter box on the TV went MIA. No sign. Searched the couch, under it etc. can't find it. As a result I get to enjoy only the fine programs on Fox. The no TV choices would be a problem if there was internet...but we already covered that.

And now! last night the phone stopped getting a dial tone. sigh. Yes I unplugged and replugged. Last time this happened the squirrels had eaten through the phone line outside the house. But it took a ton of cojolling to get the AT&T guys out to my house. Plus once they came he covered my wires with anti-squirrel devices. (sheet metal wrapping)

So here I am, packing, trying to make sure that everything is set up with my loans for school, trying to get things done with the Doctor and I can't get anything done at home because I have only my cell phone. Just 14 more days. Then I'll be home where there is shiny shiny internet and phones. Then I'll be in Cairo, where I won't care if I don't have access to the internet at all times. But until then, I feel like everything is just breaking around me.

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