Friday, September 18, 2009

all Fached up

So I knew that coming to conservatory would bring a whole number of interesting changes. Size of fish and ponds, type of studies, whatever. But I was not particularly expecting a major fach change.

I went to my first lesson, which was after a sing in for my studio class (we all sang for each other, it was nice!). We sat down and basically the first thing that he said to me was that all of my repertoire was wrong and that we had to choose all new. His point was that my voice was just too big to be singing the rep that I sing.

You have to realize, that I still operate under the impression that I am a small voice. But the last year and a half has brought a lot of changes to my voice.

I have been singing this character (which I love, also yay bizarre staging!), but if I'm singing that, the "smaller" of the two soprano roles, who is going to sing this role, the supposed bigger. The answer is apparently no one.

so I have to stop thinking of myself as Zerlina, and start thinking of myself as Donna Anna.
Super hard, because the roles that I had been doing are teasing coquettish sort of roles, and the roles that I'm headed into are more tragic types of roles. Not something that I relate to quite so well.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

great day!

I had an amazing excellent day!

I had an interview for an awesome job, and they called me with in less than an hour to offer it to me! I'm going to be working for a really neat radio show that features super talented kids! I'll tell you about it if you want to know more.

Then my studio class had a sing in (where everyone who studies with my teacher sings for each other) and I thought that I was going to sing like crap because I hadn't warmed up, but then I ate part of an apple and sang quite well!

Apples are magic!

The only "bad" thing about my day is that my calves hurt all day. But it's for a good reason! I'm changing my running style to be completely toe striking from heel striking. I have done this before, but I had fallen out of the habit. Anyhow that means that my calves are getting all sorts of new muscle attention.

I thought I'd document my good day so I don't forget, and can remind myself on not so good days that sometimes days can be super awesome!

Friday, September 11, 2009

new time and place

I thought that maybe when I moved away from everyone I would fall back into the habit of blogging as a way of keeping. Thus far this has not proven to be the case.

I do want to go back to the goals that I made on my birthday last year. They've been on my side bar all year. So I'm going to see how I did. I will make new goals for this year, but I don't think that I have it all figured out yet, so that may have to be a future post.

  • 1. Be in at least one production
Yes! I was Mabel in Pirates of Penzance! fun!
  • 2. Apply and get into summer program
I did apply and get waitlisted, but I did go to Egypt to visit Lisy. This is a goal for next year now.
  • 3. Win a competition
I did not win a competition, but I did win money in a competition
  • 4. Apply and get into Grad school
Yes! Totally accomplished! In Grad school!
  • 5. Blog weekly
hahahahahahahahahaha! ...... no
  • 6. Give a recital
Yes! I sang a recital of new music written by Michael Thorn in October!
  • 7. Stay in touch with friends
I think so...?
  • 8. Learn to knit or crochet
well you see...the thing is I tried, but then the cat swallowed a yard of my yarn, and I had to keep it in the closet, and I forgot about it. But for alittle bit there I was totally getting better
  • 9. Run 3 times a week
Sometimes I did well with this, sometimes not so much...this is a constant goal in my life, I'm happier when I run
  • 10. Mail Cards before Christmas
This was something of an epic fail. Noel and I decided to make a CD that we wanted to send as a christmas card, so I held off for that to be's still not done
  • 11. Be useful at work
I got a fantastic review from my that's good. I always feel like I need to do more for them though.

Soo, lets see:
3 definite yeses
3 definite noes
the rest are somewhere in between.

I don't feel too too bad about this. I think that my most important goals were accomplished, namely I applied and got into grad school.

Oh! and I totally got an article published in a news paper!!!! (sorry the link to the actual article is long gone, it was published in November)

So here I am in Boston. A new adventure in a new city. I'll try to let everyone know how it goes.