Monday, March 23, 2009

It's good to be an Emily

Apparently there are urban dictionary entries for names...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

preposterous panic

Today I encountered a bit of panic.

I went to the Harold Washington Library to take out some light reading. I had tried the Reg. but all of the books that I wanted were all checked out (of all the rummy things). So off I went to check out some books. I looked them up, not checked out! hooray! 7th floor fiction it says. I get there and double check the catalogue so I can get the call number, and there was no call number. All it says is 7th floor fiction. But, how on earth am I to find it with out a call number?! I was actually hit by a wave of what someone may call existential panic (Scheer is the someone). All books have call numbers! that's how you find them! You mean to say you're going to let me loose on a floor of books without any indication of how to find the one that I wanted?!

I wandered dazed for approximately 2 minutes (in all seriousness I did). I couldn't even find the fiction. I circled and wondered who would set a library up with out the comforting clarity of call numbers. Finally after wandering through foreign languages and Large print fiction I found the fiction. Ah says I; by last name of author. Now that's a terrible way to find a book by someone with the last name of Hamilton.

I found all my books, but was actually shaken. Why?! Why should it disturb and confuse me so that the books were alphabetized? That is in fact how they did fiction at the public library where I grew up if I recall correctly. It's simply that the Reg. is absolutely regimented by call number, and it's nice to know just where a book will be.

However, it is much easier to browse books at the HWL than the Reg.

it should be noted, that Alphabetization has been a bane of my existence since...oh...third grade. I'm just not very good at it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


As is true most of the time at the end of a work day at the library, I am cold and hungry. Cold because the stacks kept cool for the preservation of books, and hungry...well because I don't do well if I can't eat something every hour or so.

So I thought that I might share with you two discoveries that I've made recently. One is that I really love brusselsprouts. Tell you what...they're delicious, like cabbage but less likely to reap havoc on your belly.

I discovered a very delicious thing to do to my chicken breasts. Now, I profess to hate chicken, that's because it is what I can afford to eat and I get bored of it. However the other night I just pan fried a chicken breast with coarse mustard smeared over it and a touch of soysauce splashed on. Tasty tasty meal (I also had brussel sprouts)

I also may have gone on about my favorite soup that I crave often. It's Tom Yum soup, however some tom yum soup is too sweet, so you have to be careful. I fake it sometimes by adding rice vinegar to chicken stock that I have cooked chicken, shrimp, snow peas, and some other veggies in with hot pepper. This is good, but just adding vinegar can make your tummy grumble. They probably make it sour with lemon grass.

Aside for being hungry things are all quite the same here. I have about one audition a week. Work is the same as ever (though we're doing a little sleuthing for Juan Diego Florez, which is tremendously cool). I'm singing a bunch at the synagogue, which is always quite nice. So yeah. No news here...

(oh except for that the CD I was going to send you all for Christmas is finally approaching completion!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'll write about this in a day or two: