Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas flight

So just briefly:
I flew to my parent's yesterday afternoon after a full Christmas eve of many services in Chicago. My luggage was lost for the first time, but they got it to me early this morning, so it's ok.
Don't worry I spent Christmas morning with lovely people.
But the reason why I'm writing.
the guy across the aisle was chewing was appalling. It was appalling because I noticed right at the end of the flight when I noted that he had a water bottle with about two inches of really gross brown spit. guh! ::shudder::
I mean it's not like smoking in public places, I don't necessarily have a problem with it, it was just a gross discovery.
Anyhow Sarah's laters

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"vacillate beautiful gazelle"

I would just like to point out that someone googled that phrase "vacillate beautiful gazelle" and my blog was the first hit....yep it was because I used all three of those words in this post (which some how linked on "words" instead of "this", what was I thinking?!). That's just bazaar really.

I know this because I have a little site meter thingy that I keep purely to amuse myself in situations just like this. Because really who would guess that my blog would be found by that.

Usually I get hits from people looking up information on operas that I have written about. Let's just look at some recent searches that got my blog:

"Foucault and Durkheim"---hooray U of C nerdiness!
"harry potter 7 rape szene"----ummm I'm uncomfortable I got a hit for that
"dostoevsky christ truth outside"----from when I was talking about the Idiot I presume
"song ownership"---I actually do get a lot of hits regarding ownership of music and stuff because I wrote a few posts about that when things were getting sticky with Internet radio...
"I cried a tear song"----I cried a laser tear, perhaps I should make that a song!
"stoacism"----yep I get hits because I can't spell
"boxing for wiii"---is awesome!
"losing focus band songs"--- music for the myopic!
"assundry"--- really I think that applies to everything
"boil warped cello bridge"--- I still haven't tried it, seems risky
"someone sings song on internet and someone goes boo"--- ummm no really someone googled that and my blog was like the second
"songs about cyclic change" --- well that's an obvious hit, though I think the topic might be a little cliche
"dominance of piano in classical music"
"musicians unprofessional behavior"--- not me I'm the epitome of professionalism!
"Syphilis is Back" --- yes, yes it is, please don't get it, though you may go enjoy a McRib.

So those are just some of the recent hits that I have gotten for teh mega blogz. I did not include the analysis of "x" opera or review of "y" opera ones.

hopefully the season and the new year will see more posting...maybe I'll make it a goal to post every 2 days or something for the New Year...though that seems like it might be a hefty commitment...I'll have to think about it.