Thursday, June 15, 2006


Here I am in good old New England.
mmm what a mosquito-ie time of year to be here, it is in fact much more mosquitoie here than it was down in Mississippi where I was visting Duff with a whole slew-o-folks.

We all had a grand time, at least I did, got to be relaxed, and completely unstressed by "things I should be doing".
Speaking of things that were stressing me out I listened to the recording I made for the Helmuth Rilling audition on good speakers and I'm pretty satisfied. IT's not the best recording but I think it captures my voice pretty well. Not that I really had a good second option if it hadn't turned out well, but at least this way I feel ok sending it out.

It was such a relief though, it was a really stressful day that I made it, I was running between two different "gigs" and a brief coaching, then the guy who was recording it didn't actually know how to do anything more than hit record and finalize the CD. AHHHH! so I didn't get the option of, record song several times and choose best one like one would normally do, I had the go through and do it and hope that it's ok option. but it turned out ok.

Pictures of MS may be forth coming,but may be not.

Also: I will be working at an overnight summer camp this summer, so posting may be even more limited than it's already pretty limited state.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


check out my blogs new snazzy features...links! and pretty side stuff. All thanks to Daniel!
tomorrow we head to Mississippi and the summer has officially begun.
people have graduated.
I am now a fourth year in the college.

Also: I hate packing...and there is still alittle to be done before we leave in the morning.

that is all

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm done!

I'm done with finals! I can focus on making recordings and such. I'll write more extensively on these things and my weekend, but right now my brain is not in a writing insightful comments sort of mood.