Thursday, June 15, 2006


Here I am in good old New England.
mmm what a mosquito-ie time of year to be here, it is in fact much more mosquitoie here than it was down in Mississippi where I was visting Duff with a whole slew-o-folks.

We all had a grand time, at least I did, got to be relaxed, and completely unstressed by "things I should be doing".
Speaking of things that were stressing me out I listened to the recording I made for the Helmuth Rilling audition on good speakers and I'm pretty satisfied. IT's not the best recording but I think it captures my voice pretty well. Not that I really had a good second option if it hadn't turned out well, but at least this way I feel ok sending it out.

It was such a relief though, it was a really stressful day that I made it, I was running between two different "gigs" and a brief coaching, then the guy who was recording it didn't actually know how to do anything more than hit record and finalize the CD. AHHHH! so I didn't get the option of, record song several times and choose best one like one would normally do, I had the go through and do it and hope that it's ok option. but it turned out ok.

Pictures of MS may be forth coming,but may be not.

Also: I will be working at an overnight summer camp this summer, so posting may be even more limited than it's already pretty limited state.


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i just had to yell, cause i didn't know if you where close to your computer or not... sorry