Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer camp

Daniel has pointed out that my blog is lonely: I would like to point out that this is the first time that I have had any access to the internet at all since arriving in michigan June 19.

I am working at a Fine arts camp. It is actually a pretty good experience. The first session is over, my kids were really good. There were of course a few minor things, but all things that were to be expected from 13 year olds that are not dissapointing at all.

I am singing in both the choir and the vocal ensemble. The choir conductor is wonderful. He really knows what he wants and how to get it out of everyone. It's just vvery nice to work with someone with so much experience. I took a voice lesson with this amazing mezzo who sang at the faculty show case. It was one of the most difficult lessons that I have taken in a long time. I really came back to my unit exhausted. It was pretty exciting. When I sang the way she was helping me to it was as if all of the sound coming out of my mouth was crashing into the sound that had just comeout a slit second before createing all sorts of overtones that made my voice seem bigger.

I tried to practi ce this yesterday but I had a difficult time. However I did that again today and had much more success.

We're on our ifrst session break, so yesterday we went down to Holland MI to see the dutch village it was pretty ok, but certainly not great. All the interesting things you could have gotten into for free and the ticket got you into mostly lame things.

That's ok though.

The girls that I directly work with in the unit are great. We really get along quite well despite the fact that we seem to all have quite different personalities. The time here only goes slowly when we arn't very busy, which is only on session break. I think that I may ask my uncle who lives south of here if I can spend the next session break there, such that I can be in a real house and eat real food.

That's about it, I'll probably not update for another 2 weeks, but maybe I'll get off camp sooner to see what is up with the world.

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