Wednesday, September 16, 2009

great day!

I had an amazing excellent day!

I had an interview for an awesome job, and they called me with in less than an hour to offer it to me! I'm going to be working for a really neat radio show that features super talented kids! I'll tell you about it if you want to know more.

Then my studio class had a sing in (where everyone who studies with my teacher sings for each other) and I thought that I was going to sing like crap because I hadn't warmed up, but then I ate part of an apple and sang quite well!

Apples are magic!

The only "bad" thing about my day is that my calves hurt all day. But it's for a good reason! I'm changing my running style to be completely toe striking from heel striking. I have done this before, but I had fallen out of the habit. Anyhow that means that my calves are getting all sorts of new muscle attention.

I thought I'd document my good day so I don't forget, and can remind myself on not so good days that sometimes days can be super awesome!

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