Thursday, July 09, 2009


I'm currently reading a book called The Defenestration of Bob T. Hash III by David Deans.
It's a bizarre little book about a land where a parrot turns into his owner when his owner strangely disappears. They live in a book that teaches English, and mangled other languages apparently. The author has taught English as a foreign language in various countries and he's clearly straining against the ridiculous exercises that most texts make the student do, and how sometimes there are no answers that make any sense in the exercise.
The language is very clever, and inserted within the plot are faux exercises that are in the book that they live in. I think that sometimes the book suffers for all the clever language, and funny interludes, especially since that means that frequently nothing is happening at all.

In completely disperate news, I went to the dentist today and had my teeth cleaned. They looked very clean, I got good marks for taking care of my mouth. However in stead of polishing my teeth in the normal way, they blasted baking soda at them at high pressure. They said it's more effective and quicker. It also is really uncomfortable. Baking soda flying all over the place hitting you at high pressure in the uvula and whatnot. Generally unplesant, not recommended by embly.

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