Wednesday, July 01, 2009

meal of a dozen

I like meals with themes. Not ones that I necessarily plan, but a common thread that I find in the food that I eat. It amuses me when the food that I eat is all related to each other in some way.
For instance; when I was working at an overnight summer camp, we had a cookout every session. The food that we ate was, hot dogs, cheese sticks, and twix. Everything was long and cylindrical. That pleased me to no end, we might have had carrots as well, but I have to admit that I don't quite remember. The meal was also one of the more tasty ones that we got to eat.

Last night was another example. Just about everything that we ate came in 12. We made jerk wings on the grill. We had a recipe, but we didn't have some of the more important ingredients, like all spice, scallions, and who knows what else. So Alex and I decided to (pardon) wing it.

We had such success. Honestly I think that Alex have some sort of magic that lets our food turn out so well, because we just mess around.

But back to the point. we had 12 wings, 12 beers, 12 cupcakes....that might be it for the 12. I'm positive that there were more than 12 asparagus.

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