Friday, September 19, 2008

onions and bagels

two things:
firstly I found good Bagels in Chicago. It's not like I've been searching for them so there may be places with better, but the Potash Brother's Super Market has bagels that taste and feel like bagels. At least the one on State and Delaware does, I can't speak for the one on the 44th floor of the Hancock building or any of the others (if there are others).

Secondly I had a disastrous encounter with the onion that I was bent on turning into risotto. Oh man, I'm always sensitive to onions, but this was particularly bad. Even when I stepped outside it felt like my eyes were burning out of my head. I had to run my eye balls under the faucet. Bad news.


Red Eyes said...

Just wondering, so do you have experience making garlic or onion bagels, or somehow know how bagel bakeries do it? I love your blog although I came visiting since I could see that you had read one of the books am currently reading, the master and margarita. Glad I stopped. Greetings!

Embly said...

my understanding of bagel making is that you start off with a generic bagel dough recipe (an stiff yeast dough) you form the bagel, boil it 1 or 2 minutes on each side, cool it in cold water and then you put on the toppings. So you would dip it in poppy seeds or onions or garlic. Then you bake them until you've reached your preferred state of golden to brown.
I love the Master and Margarita, it's one of those books that I recommend to people whenever they ask.

ayn said...

...and if you want to make pretzels, you add baking soda and sugar to the water! (I haven't tried this recipe yet, but I plan to!)