Monday, September 29, 2008

maybe too busy

proof that I may in fact be too busy:
(photo forthcoming)

I baked challah for Rosh was a debacle.

Now Challah is one of those things that I happen to make extremely well consistently. But I was in a rush today.

I started it this afternoon, but had to leave it mid second rise to sing at Sinai.

I came home to a "saccharomice" monster. Oh! it had taken over the cookie sheet, and then when I egged the outside it totally deflated. So now it's baking, and I'm willing to bet that it will be all sorts of stuck to the cookie sheet. Sigh.

I should have put it in the fridge to slow the rise. It's so obvious from this side of the situation.

Anyhow, I have to be back at sinai in nine hours so as soon as this is done baking, this kid's going to bed.

I totally have to make another one to redeem myself :(


Elizabeth said...

A Saccharomyces Monster? Oh nos!

I should have made Challah. Instead of dealing with the real thing, I read incomprehensible papers about Frankenstein's Saccharomyces.

ayn said...

Now I really want to eat some challah.

ayn said...

Also, it's amusing that you both wrote the word saccharomice/saccharomyces.

Duff said...

Yom Kipur is coming up, chances to redeem yourself abound? Or really, *get* redeemed.