Thursday, January 17, 2008

that college feeling

So I was walking across campus today after a morning of arduous photocopying (see my life is not so glamorous as I make it out to be when I describe my job) I was sleep deprived, emotionally drained, hungry and my brain was working on what I would call a low gray whir.

And I suddenly had a realization: this is what I felt like in college...most of the time. And I had the sick realization that it was through this haze of being drained that I was most able to be productive and that in fact I was thinking of how to plan the rest of my day. I realized that I could write a paper just then if I really needed.

How ridiculous is that? I have trained my mind and body such that when I am at my most drained I can be the most productive. The question is it coping or something that I learned otherwise?

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Alex said...

I think there is something to be said for working under some level of stress. I do the exact same thing.

When I have a looming deadline, or when i simply have tons of small tasks to get done, I get much more done in the course of a day, without realizing it.

There are similar ideas, like you will think better if you are just a little bit hungry, or you will fight harder if your home is at stake.

I think it probably is a kind of coping mechanism, albeit one that has become culturally ingrained in many americans. Perhaps it's the impending sense of doom you feel when you are tired, sore, braindead, and generally unable to deal with the world as a whole.

Really, work, when compared to life is extremely simple and constrained. It is a sandbox to play in, where the rules are known and order can be more easily imposed? Perhaps it gets easier to focus on the work as everything else spirals out of control.

that's how I work at least =)