Monday, January 14, 2008

some amusement

I know I fail at being a blogger of any entertainment, and I have now been shamed after being told that damn it Emily I went to the effort to put your sight on google reader...and I have nothing to I actually have a few real posts in draft but for now...two things that I watch when I wish to be amused!

one History through string quartet!

also this is one of my favorite pieces! I love how they did cool! I mean certainly it looses something because the piece is all about the timbrel changes from horn to strings to wind etc. Supposedly Ravel at this point really didn't hear melody very well and therefore was more interested in exploring the different timbres of the orchestra. This is clearly not achieved in this rendition, but I think a certain level of awesome makes up for it!

1 comment:

Alex said...

as far as amusement: victory! Very cool stuff.

as to whether you owe us amusement, who knows? the way I see blogging is as more of a self-exercise. granted I think you have more readers than I do, but still, write when you are driven to write, your writing will drive itself that way, and be better for it.