Thursday, January 31, 2008


Did you know that Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras is also pancake day?
This is not too too surprising as pancakes are a delicious and efficient way to get rid of all of those verboten ingredients for lent.
Anyhow I believe we all know my feelings towards pancakes. Which is to say that I love them, think that the ones that I make are the best, and that if I tell you otherwise I'm probably being really really polite. Though I did have a camper introduce me to some other ways of making them that are really good.
Anyhow I thought as a tribute those of you who do not keep track of you tube would enjoy this clip!

They are admittedly not pancakes but crepes that he makes, but I love crepes too. And stop motion animation is pretty much amazing!


Nina said...

It's such a funny tradition, since it comes from Anglo-Saxon tradition of abstaning from rich dairy for lent (which is why you really see pancakes associated with Shrove Tuesday primarily in England and her ex-colonies). Yet lots of other European Christians traditionally abstain instead from meat, or another food type. Hmmm. I wonder why there's not a massive meat-fest associated with shrove tuesday in catholic places like Italy? :) Maybe because every Joe in Ireland would have had eggs and milk to get rid of, those Catholics would simply hold off on butchering till Easter? :) Food traditions are always so odd yet cool...

Alex said...

the video is amazing!