Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Wiii!!!

so that video game is amazing! I'm not so much about the boxing, but I"m totally about the tennis and such. My friend C got it for Christmas and we were there for Grillbeast and a bad movie so we played.
The bad movie was about a future dystopia in 1994 where a music agency owns the world. Except wait! there are layers....LAYERS! It's called The apple and it's an there are two singers Bibi and Alfy who sing about love, but then Mr. Bugaloo rigs a contest so his contestants win. He then tempts Bibi into signing on his label. In case the drug usage and story wasn't clear enough there is then a huge dance scene with his yes man dressed as a snake and they've given her a huge apple. anyhow we concluded that the entire movie was about that how it's spelled? Rufies? because for the longest time I thought it was Ruthies and then listened closer.
Anyhow it was an allegory for Adam and Eve in case you had not caught that from my description.

Die Fledermaus!
What a fun opera. I mean completely goofy, to the point where I thought that the singing was a bit uneven, but kind of what I was in the mood for on Tuesday night. fun elaborate sets, lots of hamming on the set. Excellent spoken German (from my limited first year German this is what I surmised)
so I suppose that is all I shall leave you with today


the idiot said...

oooooooooo.... sounds SO much more fun that studying for a test. are you still in NYC or are you back in chicago or are you somewhere else fun and exciting?

Anonymous said...

Dear Em,

I am lifeless... if you have a rescue tube please assist... miss you tons!