Monday, January 01, 2007

lies, and the met

so the whole posting more because I'm on vacation thing turned out to be a big fat lie.
How 'bout that.
I just don't want to bore people with "I ate a lot of cheese today"

I can tell you about a few things though:

I listened but did not go to the met broadcast. did not go to a broadcast embly what ever do you mean?
well for those of you not in the loop Peter Gelb the new artistic (correct me if I'm wrong) director at the Metropolitan Opera has been looking for ways to create a larger "fan base" if you will for the opera, thusly he has decided to broadcast productions live, not merely to NPR listeners, but in High Definition to a movie theater near you! (look I fixed the whole Html thing, I've surprised myself twice in the last 24 hours in my ability to manipulate Html, of which I know nothing) So the broadcast on Saturday was of the magic flute, a special shortened English language version. It was a lot of fun to listen to! It brought me back to listening to classical kids as, well a kid! Except in classical kids they become friends with the scary serpent monster from the opening scene and he then provides comic relief for the rest of the story "oh bats! bats! I hate bats! They get in my hair!" "Ummm you don't have any hair" Hilarious!!!!
Anyhow it was fun, it was a little strange to hear it in English. I can not say anything to the HD success because I did not go, but I think that I shall try to go sometime with my friends, I think there are 3 people I can convince!

Now for a bit of personal info:
I am entering a really crazy couple of weeks, I'm flying really early out to Chicago tomorrow for the first week of classes. I then return to the east coast to spend a week in NYC where I'm singing in a workshop (paid!) and I have (hopefully) two auditions. It is all tremendously exciting and also crazy, it makes me want to not do it almost just thinking about it.
But I shall and I shall triumph!

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