Thursday, January 04, 2007


so looking at the bridge of my cello is like a string player horrer flick. The bridge is warped beyond any's quite warped. It is currently sitting under some books, I'm hoping it can be reasonable persuaded to comply, otherwise Ima have to try this crazy boil bake technique I've heard about.
In other sad news when I took off my bridge the sound post fell.
My cello is having some serious issues. I guess that's what I get for not playing it for over a year. (give me a break I've been very busy, it is difficult to study two instruments in a serious capacity)
Anyhow I'm playing in the middle east ensemble, hopefully I'll be able to stick with it, because it is challengeing in all the cool exciting ways with out the mean pressure of being in a bigger orchestra.


Duff said...

Cellos have been known to kill people unexpectedly in the night, and then revive them from the dead and heal the wounds before anyone notices. Twice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah cello's are tricky like that, warping on you when you're not looking... but im glad you are taking it up again... and you'll be in the middle east ensemble... seriously the middle east has some really cool things to offer... like baklava, and feta cheese.