Tuesday, October 10, 2006

stuff soon to come

I swear. I have two interesting posts coming, one is a reveiw of the Lyric Opera's Turondot, of which I have some to say not just about the production, but about the story as well (I had never seen heard or read this one before).

I also will respond to djdm MOM because greek chorus and opera actually have alot of links beleive it or not...actually it's not a huge deal, but it's kinda fun bit of history to talk about.

For now however I need to do the necessaries to maintain being a student and apply to grad school.

Fun note, my brother came out for the weekend, it was super plus fun, we walked all around Chicago hither and yon, went out to eat yummy places, hung out with my friends and saw Thankyou For Smoking. A really funny film.

ok writing letter to get a recommendation letter...dear sir I am awsome, would you like to write a letter affirming this to various institution of higher learning? thanks. Love Embly

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