Monday, October 30, 2006

spero che...

Do you ever feel the intense need to help someone but know that really you should let things alone? This happens to me alot after observing behavior of people, I arrogently assume I understand things so therefore I can fix them.
Actually I don't try to fix them, the only wisdom I have is that I can sometimes leave well enough alone.
I feel this way about big things usually...except it's more that I merely wish to help not that I actually try to go about doing anything. It's the big things that make you feel the most useless. I've talked about some of this before...Israeli settelers being torn from their homes and hurting for them while thinking that they were wrong to move there in the first place and it's about bloody time they got out.
Or special education and questioning who it is actually benifiting.

the Iphiginie review will not be happening...let it stand that it was fantastic. Chalk and black box, really well excecuted, possibly one of the best productions I've seen at the Lyric...really captured the inner struggle that is the story.

Currently I'm listening to the final rondo from la cenerentola in as many forms as possible. I"m studying Rossini's ornimentation and what others do with it.
In sad news one of the cadenzas I do in Una voce poco fa is completely out of stylistic character. Coloratura sops do it all the time but it is pretty much not ok according to scholarly research. So the question is should I do it? It's fairly standard in performance, but still wrong.
I'll look up other options, the warning bell was when my teacher said " I like it it's like Lakme's bell song." Crap. that is not the time period and style to be aimed for.

I think thatI might actually be able to get into grad school, I'm feeling pretty calm about it currently.

anyhow it's time for bed as I've been up since 5:30 this morning...poo on that

Edit: whoa whoa whoa...did mr Campbell Vertesi suggest that Academics are not the sacred blood on which we live? because...well...I's just....this institution is the ivory tower. sweet sweet blissful seperation from all things practical and erudite expedition into the theoretical. I mean where else could I write "Therefore I contend that music is man's attempt to control time, through music we recognize the passage of time as we wish it to pass: with such I wish to be a time master...." I mean is this something that we can apply to social theory? I think yes!

I'm restraining myself from applying Foucault and Durkheim...gah!!!!!!!panopti....collecti...efferv...
ok is time for me to go to conservatory...I expect it will be super sweet!


Campbell Vertesi said...

I'm restraining myself from applying Foucault and Durkheim...gah!!!!!!!panopti....collecti...efferv...

I read this post in class, and you made me laugh out loud. Then my prof asked me what I was laughing at, and I looked like an ass. Not that that's out of character, but wow. :)

My solution is to talk openly about my opinions about those matters (I'm with you on special ed, if you were implying what I think you were implying), and hope that I've built up enough respect among my peers that people listen. I may not have the ear of the president, but I'm working hard within my own circle of influence.

Anonymous said...

super super sweet?

much love


Anonymous said...

I think each area of study develops its own language, I find that cenerentola, ornimentation, coloratura sops, must belong to that language of opera singers. DJDM MOM

Anonymous said...

oh and I would also include the Iphiginie review?DJDM MOM