Friday, September 01, 2006

I think we get caught up in potentialities...

really I wrote that because it sounded cool not because I thought that it really meant anything. if there is anything that the University has taught me is that most obscure profound things are mostly the former, and not so much the latter. I like to think that three years at this institution has taught me enough such that I can call people on this as frequently as possible...though of course you leave yourself open to be criticized for not thinking critically about a subject before dismissing a topic, but I think that really people are mostly interested in sounding like they know what they're talking about, and will risk being obtuse such that they seem more educated (note I did not say intelligent but educated...entirelly different things)

In other news I was accepted into this super sweet choir that will sing at Carnegie Hall this January...we will be singing Bach's St. Matthew's Passion.


Anonymous said...


this is the 3rd or 4th time that reading your blog has gotten me thinking about obscure things of my own. for that, i thank you.

in other news, congrats on the chorus!!

--Alex Faraone

Anonymous said...

Dear Em,

I think I'm almost ready for undergrad to be done... sigh, carnegie hall isn't near here is it... sigh. I think that what just sounds cool to one person, can mean something to someone else. but people can make a lot of things mean something... for instance... i love grilled cheese and a delicious grilled cheese and tomato sandwich can make my day, and when i wen to Denny's and found that a diner type restaurant did NOT serve grilled cheese and tomato, I was dismayed, and asked them to make me a special order for me... THAT meant something to me, even if was just a grilled cheese sandwich... so if something as insignificant as a grilled cheese sandwich can mean something, then so can random nothings, but this hasn't addressed the weather or not they are profound or not... i don't think grilled cheese is profound. I think i like unmeditated profound statements better than meditated ones, it makes it seem more natural i guess, if someone tries to say profound things all the time, it looses some of the meaning i think... but i think they have the most meaning when they catch you by surprise and you're like wow life is amazing. I have no idea why I am writing so much and why half of it is why i think grilled cheese has meaning... hmm. now i am hungry and i don't have sliced bread... how do think grilled cheese would taste on a pita? im doubtful... eh. I'm reading a book called "Sophie's World" it's about philosophy... i think i like it better than my actual class that i took, and might re-take.

P.S. is it bad that i don't feel intelligent or educated? and that my spelling is still atrocious... and that I'm going to spell check this just so it's not as bad as i think it is... okay off to chinese american students association picnic for free food that's not grilled cheese... eh.



Embly said...

these are some of the sweetest comments I've gotten on this blog!

isn't it funny that I still have to do the funny word varification thing to comment on my own blog?