Monday, August 28, 2006

a moment quickly

I won the staff solo competition at the camp I worked at this summer! It was pretty exciting. The only problem that arose was that somehow they ordered an orchestrated version of the piece that was missing about 14 measures of the piece, right in the middle in two sections. They of course did not have me in to reherse with the orchestra (my "prize" was to get to perform with the orchestra, hopefully I'll have the recording soon) until the day before the performance and there I was singing and suddenly very lost with what the accompaniment was doing. I figured it out and pointed out to the conductor that he was missing music, to which he exentually responded (after it happened a second time) that I was just going to have to learn it the orchestras way. What!? (internal reaction) A memorized solo for tomorrow? Anyhow I took his score down to the program manager's office who was very sorry but I guess you'll just have to learn it the orchestra's way. Anyhow, one very quietly angry Emily returned to the Unit where Hannah and I worked and proceeded to orchestrate the missing music using the reduction that I had. The next morning I returned to the office, we typed out instructions made photocopies of the parts that I had written out and there was an insert on every string player's stand for the afternoon rehersal and despite me being very worried that I had royaly screwed up it worked perfectly.

So. It was stressful, but now I have a great story for someone from Blue Lake to write a charming recommendation about.

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blackeyeddoggy said...

that's awsome!!! i think i would have taken the missing measures as an extend break, you know, go get coffee and a chocolate or something....