Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dufferkins returns

Of course I write something that I deem to be perhaps thought provoking, but probably just self indulgent and Duff my darling boy manages to out wax me in every possible way considerable. Firstly he wrote a veritable epic (granted he hasn't posted since the spring) and secondly he managed to reference all sorts of obscure texts and concepts that only the educated may recognize. I mean the Cosmic Microwave Background is pretty sweet and good evidence for the idea that the universe exploded into existance, but I'm just not sure how many people know what that is...I'm just lucky I took astro physics. also Derrida and Levi-Strauss both make an apperance I'm mean check it out.

Anyhow, don't mind all that, this is of course why we all love Duff.

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Nina said...

Is this the choir that you sent the recording to -- the recording that was totally stressing you out a few days before Mississippi?