Tuesday, August 14, 2007


no not me now, my voice is pretty crap. due to the weather the air conditioning and me not practicing...you know the voice is a muscle too and needs to be exercised.

however now have a way for you fine folks to hear recordings I've made!
you can check it out here
I'll post it in my links
<---- over there, I'll label it something easy...like...my recordings or something


Duff said...

Emily, you've gained weight since I last saw you.

Duff said...

Otherwise: yay! The sound of the recording is good: no feared internet deterioration.

Sarah said...

I really like the laudamus te!!!

JSAN said...

A true Diva of the opera, your fans await more.

ayn said...

The recordings are great! And you inspired me to get a podbean account. I need a microphone and something podcast...but it's a start.