Saturday, July 14, 2007

movies and music

I was recently discussing with a friend of mine, my dislike in general of re-watching movies. I don't hate it, but in general, I've seen it once and I have a really good memory for conversation in real life and this tends to extend to movies. Duff once argued that I therefore watch movies only for plot and not for the other aesthetic values, which may be true. But I definitely prefer a beautiful movie to a bland one. I also like thinking about why and how film has been done a certain may. However what really sells me on a movie is pithy dialog and fantastic acting. So I'm pretty sure that I would watch Philadelphia Story again.

However I was discussing this with my buddy C. and he pointed out that I listen to music more than once, even though I "know what it sounds like" and I even visit the Art Institute and I do "visit" certain favorite paintings (see above).

So I re-visit the aural and the visual, the temporal and the static, what could it be about movies that I really don't like re-watching them? I think that it really has to do with the conversation aspect. I watch human interaction fairly intensely and it seems false if I see it in the exact same way twice. Because even if we feel the same exact emotion twice, we do not express in the exact same way twice.

However in re-watching a film this is patently unavoidable.

It's sort of like how I get a real kick out of the fact that there are certain stories that I've heard people tell over and over. Most people never tell them the same way twice, however once and a while you'll meet someone who tells a story the exact same way every time they tell it. Same words and everything. I really enjoy that. I remember people's words fairly well and it's really interesting when I hear them re-use them.

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Duff said...

My favorite story ever:


You have to tell it the exact same way every time.

What about movies that are more visually stunning than conversationally oriented? Some films are like moving paintings. Though I suppose you need a theater or a projector to get that effect each time.