Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter

I find myself facing a dilemma:
I like to read the Harry Potter books fairly slowly enjoying them.
However I fear someone telling me what happens.
Now I don't fear someone I know telling me because I can summarily kick their inconsiderate butt, but rather I'm concerned about the chance encounter. The trouble is that everyone and their mother reads this book. (literally)
So I fear walking down the street and overhearing someone talking about it with a friend.
So do I just read it fast negating this possibility? or do I read it at a tempo which brings me joy?
(note: fast would be reading it all in the next two days, slow would be giving myself a week to read it)
Anyhow happy reading everyone...
except Ted, I know you hate the series, for reasons that probably aren't as sound as you think they are. (I don't know why I'm addressing him personally I don't think he reads this)


ayn said...

I have the same concern, actually, though I don't think my experience will be ruined if I do find out what happens.

I plan to read it after one of my roommates is done with it (which should be tomorrow, heh), and then I plan to take my time. So I'm going to be living with two rabid fans who will want to discuss nonstop and will have to watch themselves when I'm around, which is too bad for all of us.

As for your dilemma, which would impede your enjoyment of reading the book more, accidentally finding out what happens or having to rush your reading?

Ryan said...

I will not tell you about how Harry kills Hermione in a crazy bloodbath involving several beasts of the netherw0rld.

Duff said...

The Onion revealed that their is a "magical" and "beautiful" date rape scene and back alley sex change operation.

As for Ted, sometimes his reasons are the same as the "ultra-indie-hipster" that is lurking beneath his skin, waiting to burst out in gory furry and rock out to all the latest unknown world music from afro-asia while eating unrefined coucous at the indochina-native american fusion restaraunt at 609th str.

Evan said...

Well I say this series is too precious to be ruined by some passing comment on the street. thus I say read it at pace that is somewhat fast but not too fast.
Good luck with your decision
I plan on finishing it this weekend.

Elizabeth said...

See, I just couldn't concentrate on anything else while the book was out and I hadn't read it. So sleep, food, work, and everything else fell by the way-side while I devoured HP7. I mean, how could I live without knowing about the rape scene Duff desribed and Hermione's death?