Sunday, December 03, 2006

old music

Sorry for a certain lack of posting, I'm pretty much up to my ears in work. I have to be ready for a drop the needle style test on early music, also with definitions and essays on the readings that I have been consistantly not doing. When you don't need them for class it is hard to convince one self to do them. Of course there is also a paper for this class, though I'm not thinking about that because I have about a week to write that.
though I do have a paper on Il Barbieri di Siviglia that should be done for Tuesday. Though that should pull through.
Also I have been sending out applications, making recordings all the things involved with that. I have two concerts coming up.
And planning all the music that I have to learn over break.

so sorry for just talking about my life. I have a more interesting things to talk about when I have some time.

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Your hard work and focus are interesting, thanks for letting us know.