Sunday, December 10, 2006

crossed a finish line

phew!!! I finished. Somehow all of the finals are done. Sadly I still have applications due...also I have lots of music to learn.

Last night I went to see Romeo et Juliette by Gonoud. My body is finally getting sick after clinging to wellness for the last month or so, so I have to admit that first and foremost it felt very long. Isn't that awful? I was just too tired and achy to really get into the love duets and such, I guess last night was just not the right night for me to see this opera.

the Tenor was fantastic, his voice was really phenomanal, light when it needed to be and totally dramatic at other points. He was also quite an actor, obviously he played giddy in love easier than other more wrenching parts but he did quite a fine job throughout.

The soprano was very good, and yet, dispite my displeasure in saying this, was only just that. She sang everything as you wanted her to, all the musical decisions were perfect and yet I wanted something more.

Perhaps I'm being hyper-critical, but that's just the impression that I was left with. That's all for now though I'm sure posting will suddenly increase now that I'm on vacation!


Anonymous said...

donde esta emily?

Anonymous said...

oh that's me,nsarah... oops

Anonymous said...

i give up, back to my studying cause apparently i can't communicate.

Campbell Vertesi said...

Was it R and J at the Lyric? Screw the tenor and soprano - how was the bass???? I got to work with Kevin Langan at Central City, and I had hoped to get to hear him myself! But alas, I'll have to live vicariously through you instead... :)

Embly said...

i know my listening priorities are all messed up. Kevin Langan was the priest yes? (I'm in Pittsburgh on vacation and thus don't have my program here)I really enjoyed his voice. He was continuously up staged by the two lovers, but I suppose that is the point of the show. From what I remember he was just right for the part, he had a certain stoacism about his singing...stoasism...stoacism...hmm I think I got it right the first time. Anyhow at this distance from the show, and really I brought a poor analytical head to the performance so that's about all you're going to get out of me.