Thursday, November 16, 2006


I spent an hour and a half in lesson today going over and over and over Frere!Voyez!...from Werter. I needed to quickly add an extra aria to my audition package and this is an easy piece for my voice, nothing to work through at all, just learn the notes figure out the character and go!

However my French sucks...This is augmented by the fact that I have a really hard time reading words off a page and singing them in the correct order. I may have a little dyslexia going on, but certainly not enough to bow out of any learning responsibilities.

Anyhow an hour and a half later on this little piece and I think I pronounce everything and I'm not swapping the que and the je (why do you happen in a row?)

I haven't done any research on this opera, but as far as I can tell this Sophie character is a complete ditz who just does not get that Werter is one depressed gent. Ah air headed roles.

For those of you in the area my non-university-affiliated choir is performing the London version of the Brahms Requiem on Saturday. It should be most excellent. For the curious the London version is performed with two pianos rather than an orchestra.

I have a feeling that a Donizetti post is in the near future.


Anonymous said...

I hope it is over the Thanksgiving break so Duff can go and hear it for me...

Embly said...

sadly it is today so Duff will not be able to see it.

Anonymous said...

don't worry, my french is terrible also