Thursday, November 09, 2006

Il Trovatore

I had not seen this opera before. I enjoyed it.

Sondra Radvanovsky was amazing as Leonora. Wow did her voice ever just reach the corners of the civic opera house. She had a real smooth richness to her voice that many sopranos don't pull off. I find that successful sopranos have a real silvery quality to their voices...A ping perhaps?
she had sort of the opposite of this...Successfully no less!

In general the Lyric cast this opera well, as Nina said; good ensemble work, they all really blended quite well.

For me, I just ran through the Brahms Requium in it's entirety. I may have sung a little vigorously as I need to sing tomorrow. Sometimes you do this to yourself despite all better judgment and full acknowledgement that you are doing this and shouldn't.

This weekend I saw the silk road ensemble they were excellent. They even pulled off a multi-media piece really well, with a painter projecting what he was painting in time to the music. I had him sketch something for me. What made the concert was that everyone on that stage was having a great time. It really translates when this happens, the audience can tell.

sorry my writing is lame tonight...I wrote two papers this weekend so well thought out sentences and grammar are evading me.

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