Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I don't think this was was truely what I thought

I just left this response to someone who is deleting their blog because they are concerned that you can find their posts through google etc. the trouble with anominity:

isn't that why people blog be found and heard? doesn't the mere act of blogging beg for attention from strangers and a cry for validation as an interesting person? It seems to me that by blogging what one intrinsically wants is to be heard, because otherwise your words are just echoing in cyber space, a futile attempt to have an introspective experience while trying to let others in.

That is how I feel about it though. I mean however much one tries to deny it, ultimatly you hope that by writing a blog other people read it and think that you are an interesting person that relates their experiences in a fun and anecdotal sort of way while still being able to have serious thoughts.

I know that I've struggled with this idea before.

all that said. I've been pretty productive over the past few days. my paper for friday is in full draft form, I'm finishing (read starting really) a paper on Krenek's seventh quartet. I just can't get into serial music. It isn't that it isn't "pretty" music, I could get over that, there is just no direction in it. There is no pull to tonal centers, because that's the tonal centers. No weight pulling through the piece. There is no way to orient one self. Once it starts you're just sort of on your own with no way to know where you are in the movement, and without a clear idea of when it will be ending.

This and the fact that my post tonal theory is only so good (and my serial theory is essentially non-existant) makes it tough for me to get into writing a paper that I will have any satisfaction in handing in.


Duff said...

You and me honey, You and Me.

Anonymous said...

Okaaay em, I just read your boy friends blog... are you aware of the usage of boo-ya... um yeah, my brain is twisting. And my mom thinks that boo-ya is the hindu version of booty. I think she has over-dosed on sniglets. See you soon. hug and kisses.