Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cowboy Bebop

I finally finished watching Cowboy Bebop after making my way through it slowly in fits and bursts for the last several months.

However bitter sweet the ending was I think that it was approriate. It had the right kind of ending, the one where it is completely credible (with in the story line) and yet you don't quite want it to end there, or possibly like that. But you're not enraged that the series had come to a close.

I guess this means that the series was done successfully; not cut off prematurly, but also not streached out to such a point that it is no longer enjoyable. This particular series had a good story arch, and also had good stand alone episodes. I really liked it quite a bit.

speaking of how series are ended, this makes me think of the Firefly/Serenity combination. I think that this had an interestingly unsatisfying and then totally satisfying ending. The TV series was certainly ended prematurly as the die hard fans will tell us; but the movie tied everything up so well. It was all you could have wanted out of that movie, and also in some sort of manner all you could have wanted out of the series, but truncated. There was not the pleasure of watching it over a season.

However I probably have no right to talk about that because I really have only seen a handful of Fire fly episodes.

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This is perhaps an even better ending to Cowboy Bebop: