Monday, May 04, 2009


So I was on the bus home from down town this evening and I was munching on some cheetos. I have a love hate relationship with Cheetos insofar as they're delicious in a really disgusting way.
I noticed though that as I was eating them that they were really warm in my mouth, warmer than my mouth.
Yet another reason to not eat cheetos; they have an exothermic reaction in your mouth.

(I did I little experimenting, it's not just when you munch on them as I first thought, but even if you let them just sort of melt in your mouth they get warm)

(also have you ever thought about how packing peanuts [the ones made out of corn] look exactly like cheetos? the only difference is the orange "cheese")

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emsdad said...

One of your aunts spray painted foam packing orange and tried to pass them off as Cheetos - it almost worked