Monday, December 22, 2008


We had Pelks and Christian over for latkes and apple sauce tonight because we wanted to try a cool recipe for latkes. They had artichoke hearts and leeks and were very tasty!

We also broke out the Hannukah activity box that Ted sent me last year. In addition to coloring in stickers we also wrote two poems which I will take the liberty of sharing with you:

Cats are pretty
Happy cats make me happy
Are cats real?
No, they're not
Unfortunately cats are not real in Uruguay
Kats? Cats!
Are we satisfied with this poem?
ow could we not be?!?

On a similar theme:

Long, long ago
And ever so far away
The lad had consumption
Kristin came to the rescue
Everybody celebrated Hannukah!



Neen said...

Fun! We've been amused by how much Hanukkah paraphernalia there is in Austin - apparently my parents moved into the Jewish neighborhood in town. Last Saturday night, my Mom and I were picking up Hanukkah candles at the local grocery store and at the check-out counter the guy in front of us wished us Happy Hanukkah and started talking about all the goings-on "down at the J." We felt very "in" and local.
That, and the holiday in our house has also been marked by a huge ongoing debate over whether "Hanukkah Harry" exists. Thoughts?

Embly said...

I've never heard of "Hannukah Harry". I can only imagine him in really poor cartoon form alla foreign language texts or Sunday school work books. Your lucky that you got candles, last year I picked them up at the last second and literally got the last box of candles, though I suppose if you're in a Jewish neighborhood there are more to begin with.
Hope your holidays are great!