Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ah! a bit of Vacation!

I was off for a little over a week with my family and friends in the eastern upper peninsula of MI. We had fabulous weather, we all had a great time, and ate great food. So. I took some pictures, and they turned out pretty nicely. I will share some with you now:

rocks the glaciers left

fire and the lake at dusk

sailboat on a blustery afternoon

"just like the Caribbean except 30 degrees colder and the coral reef is several million years older" -Dad

I can't believe how well this shot came out

over the bounty main!

yes this is in front of our house!
so yeah. jealous? I'm pretty pleased to have had such a fabulous week. I'm also pleased to be starting Pirate's rehearsals, the folks seem like they're going to be great!


Mia said...

emily--that picture is beautiful. you should get a print made and frame it for the apartment! it would be art you made and a nice reminder of family. i'm sad i couldn't be there with you guys! seemed like a really nice time. say hello to everyone for me.

Alyssa said...


ayn said...

Gorgeous...I can almost smell the air. =)

Alex said...

the sailfish looks like so much fun.