Thursday, September 06, 2007

little italy

It was raining when I sat down to write this post but it is no longer.
Chicago's been doing that for the past few days.
Actually I find that Chicago has this incredible ability in the summer to rain for 10-20 minutes right at 5:00 only down town. There have been at the very least three incidences where I have been leaving work at five just to get soaked, and as soon as I get on the bus it! if I had only stayed in the office 10 more minutes I would not be miserably wet on an air conditioned bus.
yeah, it did that yesterday, but when I arrived in Hyde Park for rehearsal there was no evidence that it had rained at all...there were puddles when I got home, so that was something.
I had a very slow morning and decided that since I wasn't going to get into CIAO any time in the morning anyway that I would walk down to drop off rent. I subsequently walked down Taylor st. which is for those of you not familiar with Chicago little Italy. I was in a very narrative mood this morning, you know if someone were reading about my day in a book or even a well written blog what would it sound like. I mean my questing for my purple shorts was cut short by...well finding them. In general I have little interest in reading or writing blogs that are simply a catalogue for events that have happened in someones life, travel yes, day to day searching for a job in, not really. excepting anecdotes of course.
I've been trying to decide if I think I would be friends with this guy or not. Sometimes I wonder these things. I probably would, as Mia puts it, I have a proclivity to befriending men who are nice but just a bit off.
Anyhow I finally have a copy of my recital with track breaks between every song (thanks Richard) so I'll be posting things on the podbean account
okokok, I promise to think of something substantive next time.

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