Monday, June 25, 2007

uncertainty in art

I went to this artist chat thing at the last second with some folks. It was actually a very interesting conversation about this Juan Chavez's art and his conception of found art and public domain. It made me think which is ultimately the goals of these things. What I took away from him was the joy of discovery: whether it be in the finding of materials, finding of art (by the viewer in a public place) or the discovery of some interesting detail in a piece in a gallery. Some people got caught up in some ideas that I thought that he had covered adequately, in fact this one girl asked what I saw as the same question four times, M had to fight the giggles at that one and the artist shared an eye role with us. The project we were looking at was a giant "speaker" in which some band had performed...pretty neat! I wanted to ask him if he had any conception about what nature of music ought to be performed in there as there are certain composers who wrote (write) music in the manner in which he created art. but the opportunity never arose.

his whole thing was uncertainty in the final product. How will a space influence the end result, how does time (and the fact that he did some of these things illegally) influence the end result. There is certainly music like this. Chance operations and uncertainty. I'll write about it when I'm actually thinking....

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ayn said...

I meant to go to this and completely forgot! I feel so sheepish, as I spend my time posting online about all the Art Center events, and have yet to go to one. Glad you had a good time!