Tuesday, April 03, 2007

a review!?

I sang this concert last quarter, and I had no idea that it was reviewed!
(I don't think I've seen a review about myself)
I had an advantage in this hall, it eats up lower voices, really soprano's are the only ones who can get past the first few rows...but yeah sorry I'm indulging myself!

With her impressive dynamic range, Embly stunned the crowd. Her clear, full voice soared to the carillons and sank expertly back to the cobbles in a matter of seconds. During her duet with Tenor in the Freudenlied section, Embly's ability to project had the unfortunate effect of obscuring Tenor's more hushed tone. Bass' rich, orotund bass-baritone provided a better contrast to Embly's seasoned soprano.

there are also live streaming files of me singing...wow and I thought that googleing me was of no avail...because there are so many people with my name...mostly there are just different university sights announcing my senior recital...cools


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Nice to know someone famous...

Nina said...

Who wrote the review and where can I find it?

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that's super cool!