Sunday, March 18, 2007

San Francisco

I'm in San Francisco for the week staying in a beautiful home!
I'm here with my school choir singing for a week. We don't have a crazy strenuous schedule thoug and we should get to enjoy the city.
This has been a cool couple of months. I got to explore New York City, visit LA, Housten and now San Francisco.
I really do like traveling in the end, seeing new places is always exciting and meeting new people or sharing experiences with people you've known but havn't spent very musch time with is tremendous.
see you when I've returned I suppose!


Nina said...

Yea San Francisco! I'm going to try to find your gelato place in Pisa later this week. And that wonderful shop where Ryan found his leather messanger bag. Wish me luck! (and if you at all remember how get to either one, particularly the leather goods place, do give me a hint!)

Anonymous said...

Yay traveling!!!

Miss ya!