Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So I have posted a few what I found interesting posts this month: I have once more decided that musicians can be creative, but I'll talk more about that later. For now I think I'll actually talk about what I've been up to for the month.

so I have been applying to Masters programs in vocal performance. I already have things that I would have done differently and the results are not all in, but more on that in the event that I am not accepted any where.

I vacillate between feeling confident about my ability to get into programs and thinking that I don't have a chance. Why I vacillate this way is partly confidence and ego and partly that I am a slightly different candidate than most people applying for masters. My undergraduate degree is fully theoretical...not that the degree is is a literal degree, but that the things that I study are theoretical. So I've taken some killer courses on cognitive science and musical theory, Galileo's astronomy, astro-physics, and other such gems. However I have not been trotting to Juries every few months, I have no diction classes, no movement courses...and gladly no review "Art song through the ages". I just made that up, but it seems plausible.

So that said I'm super ready to just focus on singing for a while, because it is what I love the most, and what I'm best at.

This month I've been to two cities that I've never been to before! Both for under 24 hours. The audition in California went really well! they were positive and even worked with me on a technique they were interested in seeing me develop. They chatted with me for some time, and expressed that they saw a lot of potential in me. However they also said that they would call, and they haven'

Texas was sort of mechanical. I was in and then I was out, I don't even know if they will remember me. I'm just another lyric soprano in the crowd. I also heard rumors that they call there too...again nothing. The people there were very nice though, and the guy adjudicating the enormous test we had to take was nice...the test was also not too bad.

Chicago audition for north Carolina school was disappointing. I sang fine...but I just sang fine. I was also the youngest there by I'm not holding out any hope for that one.

Chicago audition...went really well! They had a really good set up where they had a undergraduate and a graduate student in the little stage anti-room where you stewed before your audition. they convinced me to sing the Laudamus Te (Mozart) even though it's long...because I sing the crap out of those runs. you should have seen the smiles on their faces when I sang them! They also knew both my teacher and my coach. So I'm really hoping hard for that one.

Anyhow that's the potential excitement/disappointment in my life.

4 comments: said...

Did they give you a call back time frame? Meredith knows she will not hear from colleges until April so we relax till then...but if they could call back at any time, that would make waiting hard.

Embly said...

I'll get letters sometime this month, however the places that call tend to call with-in a week or so. but then that's a maybe...

Duff said...

I think the trick to good auditions is fear. That is, making the judges afraid. Very afraid. For their lives at minimum, if you can pull it off, their souls to boot. Cause if they are afraid, then you won't be, thus solving all the world's problems, including psychologist's use, or lack there of, of a "scientific" method.

the idiot said...

that link (zelda) is awesome!