Monday, February 13, 2006

trying again

ok...maybe this time?
totally!...yes that is indeed me. I happen to have maybe this and one other picture of myself on my computer.
so posting pictures is indeed something I can do.

some thoughts about schumann:

There seem to be two contrasting themes in Schumann’s Mein Wagen rollet langsam. The music seems to make a commentary first on the condition of the outside world, and the second acts as a commentary on the internal world of the wagon’s rider. The rider’s thoughts just drop in suddenly but not in a brash manner. The third time the voice enters through the piano there is a combination of the internal world forcing itself upon the outer world, though perhaps the opposite is more likely.

Upon first listening I did not think that the music accompanying the riders thought about his beloved were appropriate. It was almost abrupt in nature, no lingering sentiments, merely points of thought. However upon further contemplation this may in fact be less brash than I the end it turned out to be the recording that I was listening to. the particular performance gave it that discontenuity.

THis could lead way to an interesting discussion about music and performance and how the are, or are not, or should be related.

but I have astrophysics calling my name.......come figure out maximum emissions for sunspots...

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